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some plugins require the MSVC7 runtimes (MSVCR7x.dll) ;)


 Blackbox Utilities:

  bbLCTRL 0.02   switches app windows to pre-targeted workspaces by ivan_at_uadm      29-Dec-09
  BBSlit 1.08   container for plugin windows by TheDevTeam      01-Jun-09
  bbInterface iTunes Mod 0.9.9.k10   multi-purpose framework + iTunes support by psyci |kazmix |et al  ok    10-Aug-06
  bbKeys 1.80   HotKeys by TheDevTeam  ok   bbCore  06-Jun-08
  bbCore 1.00   bro@ms support - Vista only by unkamunka|TheDevTeam  ok   Vista  06-Jun-08
  BBPager 3.0 b6   mini-display | moving utility for windows on workspaces by NC-17|unkamunka  ok    20-May-08
  SkipDesk 0.0.2   switch to next used workspace by Carsomyr      21-Feb-07
  bbOnWorkspaceChange 0.0.3   by Carsomyr      10-Feb-07
x64  bbMemLimiter 0.0.4t   by nocd5|Tres`ni      23-Dec-06
  BBSlit 1.16.1   container for plugin windows - bbLean 1.16 only by grischka      24-Oct-06
  BBInterface 0.9.9   highly configurable multi-purpose framework by psyci |grischka |et al  ok    10-Aug-06
  BroamTimer 0.0.1   executes bro@ms on a single interval timer by bladestaylor  ok    17-May-04
  BroamRelay 0.001   file-based bro@m generator by bladestaylor      02-Mar-04
  bbMemShrink 0.0.1   shrinks memory use by blackbox.exe by bladestaylor      31-Mar-04
  BBStatus 1.0.2   additional display for toolbar messages by Stocker      17-Jan-04
  BBkeyhook v0.62b   HotKeys for multi-media keyboards by Kaloth      23-Apr-07
  BBAltTray 0.0.2   access to systemtray via bro@ms by kana      06-Apr-05
  BBLoSlitta 0.0.0   overrides inability to place a plugin in the slit by kana      22-Oct-04


  BBAnalogExMod 0.0.7   analog clock by TheDevTeam      01-Jan-09
  BBBinaryClock 0.0.2   by Djon      25-Dec-06
  BBDigitalEx 1.0b7   digital clock by Theo      25-Jan-05
  BBTextClock 0.0.1   text-based clock by kana        13-Sep-04
  BBAnalogEx 1.4   analog clock by Theo     gdiplus  23-Jun-04
  BBAnalog 1.7.1   analog clock by Mortar     gdiplus  15-Dec-03

 Command Line:

  uberbox 1.4.1   command line - bro@ms, aliases, variables & regexs by tzec|Tres'ni|unkamunka  ok  15-May-09
  bbBroam 0.0.2a   front-end for command line by the-R-  ok   bbRun  27-May-07
  bbRun 0.0.6   command line - bro@ms, aliases & variables by the-R-  ok    27-May-07
  BBKontroller 0.2.1   command line by kana     BBCmd    24-Apr-04
  BBZCmdEx 0.1   command line by Procic Konstantin      25-Jan-04
  Broambox 0.01.1   command line incl. bro@ms by Tres`ni      01-Nov-03

 Dates | Weather:

  BBsky 0.0.5   weather - multi-location by pitris  ok      27-Jan-08
  BBreminder 0.0.3   reminders by pitris  ok      14-Aug-06
  BBMemo 0.0.5   by ysuke      10-Feb-06
  BBCalendar 1.1.1   calendar & reminder by Theo      11-Sep-04
  BBtodo 1.0   displays ToDo list by Ender      22-Jul-04
  nWeather r1.5   customizable weather text display (current style used) by Nexistenz  buggy    13-Oct-02


  BBTaskMenu 0.0.4   by ysuke      28-Feb-06
  BBHotSpots 0.0.3   enables HotSpots triggerable by cursor activity by kana     BBCmd  30-Jan-06
  BBTrayMenu 0.0.3   by ysuke      16-Dec-05
  BBRecycleBin 0.0.6   by ysuke      15-Dec-05
  bbIconBox 0.3   configurable icon display - with drag & drop by grischka|XWorks        21-Jun-07
  bbIconBox 0.2   configurable icon display by grischka      03-May-05
  BBBalloon 0.0.1   balloon tooltips shown in the current *box style. by kana      11-Feb-05
  BBMenu 0.0.0   by kana      05-Feb-05
x64 bbWorkspaceWheel 0.1.0   workspace switching using mousewheel by grischka      05-Feb-05
  BBVHM 0.0.0   bro@ms to maximize a window vertically or horizontally by kana      02-Nov-04
  BBMouseGesture 0.1.6   links mouse gestures to commands by kana     BBCmd  09-Oct-04
  BBShelf v1.1   clickable drawer containing shortcut buttons by Fatman      20-Sep-04
  BBMagnify 1.0b5   magnifies & shows xy & hex color values of cursor location by Theo      04-Aug-04
  BBbin 1.2.1   special recycle bin icon by qwilk      04-Aug-04
  BBAltMenu 0.0.0b   menu switching (good for xoblite users) by kana      24-Jul-04
  BBgesture v0.9b   interface to record gesture recognition by Kaloth      17-Jul-04
  bbEdgeHook 0.0.2   menu display for maximised windows + workspace switching by bladestaylor      25-May-04
x64 bbEdgeMenu 0.0.1   desktop menu display for maximised windows by bladestaylor      15-May-04
  bbEdgeFlip 0.0.7   workspace changer for windows or by mouse gestures by bladestaylor      15-May-04
  BBTray 1.0b8   moveable system tray by TheDevTeam      16-Feb-04
  BBTrayIcon 0.0.1   -could not load the plugin to test - adds tray icons by kana     BBCmd  25-Jan-04


  Liam 2.2.0   checks e-mail server | Gmail by Anonymints | Tresni     various  30-Jan-08
  BBMail 1.0rc4   e-mail notification & one-click access to e-mail client by qwilk      13-Jul-04

 Eye Candy:

  bbXEyes v0.3   roving eyes by Procic Konstantin      07-May-04
  BB8Ball 1.0   random answer generator by Theo      07-Jun-04
  bbBumperStickers 1.0   game support by Kewlio      27-Oct-05
  BBSnow 0.3   by Psy4      27-Sep-05
  BBLifeGame 0.0.0   configurable visual display by kana     BBCmd  06-Nov-04

 More Info:

  BBXO 1.0   by Theo      17-Jul-05


  BBspectrum v0.60b   music oscilliscope display by Kaloth      02-Jan-09
  BBoscilliscope v1.30b   music oscilliscope display by Kaloth      02-Jan-09
  bbBroamTunes 0.15   bro@ms for iTunes by kazmix |unkamunka  ok    25-Dec-08
  bbFooman 1.1   by RustyNail      06-Jul-07
  bbFoomp 1.7   frontend for Foobar00 by freeb0rn |pkt-zer0      19-Aug-06
  BBSeekbar 0.0.5b   by ysuke      18-Aug-06
  BBFooPlaylist 0.0.3b   by ysuke      18-Aug-06
  BBmuse v0.97b   winamp display & clock. by Kaloth      30-Jul-06
  BBPlayer 0.0.4   music title display - bro@mable by kana      19-Jan-05
  BBWinAmpList 0.0   winamp playlist display by Procic Konstantin      16-May-04
  BBampTitle v0.02   winamp display by pulse      24-Apr-03
  multiamp bb4   frontend for winamp foobar00 QCD K-Jofol or CoolPlayer by qwilk      08-Feb-03
  multiamp bb3   frontend for winamp foobar00 QCD K-Jofol or CoolPlayer by qwilk      07-Sep-02


  Tcl-bb   enables cut-down TCL library - advanced version by Tres`ni  ok    30-Jun-06
  Tcl4bb 1.2.0   enables cut-down TCL library - basic version by Tres`ni  ok    24-Oct-05

 Shell Expansions:

  BBpopup 0.0.2   popup for RSS etc by pitris  ok      28-Jan-08
  BBrssfeed 0.0.3   RSS reader by pitris  ok      27-Jan-08
  Language|Locale Display 1.4   enables default keyboard switching - xoblite only by Tres`ni  ok    01-Aug-07
  bbIME   enables default keyboard switching - broams only by noccy  ok      01-Aug-07
  OpenFocus 0.0.2   find window on existing desktops by Carsomyr      13-Mar-07
  BBSnarl 0.1.2   notifications support by Tres'ni      27-Feb-07
  BBSocket 0.0.5   by Carsomyr      14-Jan-07
  BBPutty 0.0.7   by s0rg      22-Aug-06
  BBSlideShow 0.0.6   by ysuke     FreeImage  05-Mar-06
  BBRssReader 0.0.1a   by ysuke      18-Feb-06
  BBDropFTP 1.2   drag & drop FTP client by qwilk      23-Oct-05
  bbGimme 1.1   clipboard manager by Kewlio      27-Sep-05
  bbOSD 1.0   displays system messages on main screen by Alex3D  ok    19-Jun-05
  BBTaskSwitch 0.1.1   Alt-Tab switcher shown (iconless) in the current *box style by kana      02-Mar-05
  BBMediator 0.0.1   enables event triggers by kana     BBCmd  09-Jan-05
  BBRSS 1.0b1   RSS feed display by Theo      22-Oct-04
  BBBloglines 0.0.0   checks number of unread items on Bloglines subscriptions by kana     BBCmd  16-Oct-04
  BBPower 1.0rc1   battery life monitor by qwilk      30-May-04
  BBSlider 0.2.0   multiple sound volume control by psyci      04-Oct-03
  BBSoundFX v2 | upgrade   bbSoundSchemes + optional hourly|half hourly alerts by qwilk      26-Jan-03


  BBStyle 4.0   style changer - optional timer - bbColor3dc(2) support by NC-17|unkamunka  ok    01-Jun-09
  bbColor_3dc2 2.0   3dc from 3dcc file | from current style - any syntax, any time by TheDevTeam  ok  bbUtils  05-Jan-09
  WallGrabber   downloads wallpapers - requires style specification by Tres'ni  ok  MSVC8  12-Feb-08
  BBwincolors 0.0.2   variation on 3dc by pitris  ok      28-Jan-08
  bbLeanable   bbStylemaker support for other shells by Tres'ni  ok  MSVC8  28-Apr-07
  RandomStyle 1.0   style changer - bro@mable only by qwilk  ok    07-Mar-06
  FreeStyler 4.0.1   window style-making tool by qwilk  ok    10-Feb-06
  BBColorEx 0.0.2   3dc rendered from 3dcc file | mapped from current style by kana  ok    29-Jan-05
  WorkspaceStyle 1.0.0   apply different styles to each virtual desktop. by Anonymints      08-Jan-05
  bbColor3dc 1.1   enables 3dcc style settings by grischka  ok    28-Aug-04
  BBStyle 0.25b5   style changer - optional timer by NC-17  ok    07-Nov-03
  GradTest 2.0   gradient previewing for style makers by qwilk  ok    30-Jul-03
  BBColor v1.1   translates style titlebar colors to default display properties tab by NC-17|qwilk  ok    25-Nov-02

 System Monitoring:

  BBnettraffic 0.0.5   displays data volumes - in & out by pitris  ok    27-Jan-08
  BBsystraffic 0.0.5   system statistics display by pitris  ok    27-Jan-08
  BBping 0.0.2   configurable ping by pitris  ok      27-Jan-08
  BBLogView 0.0.3   by UnkHz      31-Mar-07
  BBSysmonPlus 0.1.1b   by ysuke      28-Feb-06
  BBSysmeter 1.0b6   system usage display by Theo      04-Aug-04
  BBSysmon 0.8.1   text-based system monitor by Mortar      11-Dec-03
  BBnetState v0.01   displays data volumes - in & out by pulse      11-Apr-03
  BBsysState v0.03   system statistics display by pulse      11-Apr-03


x64 boxBar 0.1.7   toolbar with vertical option by carsomyr  ok      10-Feb-09
  SystemBarEx 2.1 plus   highly configurable toolbar by bladestaylor|xzero450        11-Jul-08
  bbSystemBar 1.25.4   toolbar loadable in separate components by grischka|TheDevTeam  ok bbUtils    13-Aug-08
  SystemBarEx 2.2 beta   highly configurable toolbar by bladestaylor        18-Mar-04
  SystemBarEx 2.1   highly configurable toolbar by bladestaylor        07-Feb-04

 Under development

  BBAsusProbe   by Psy4    
  BBTimeSync   by Fatman    
  BBWebCam   by Psy4    
  BBWorldTime   by qwilk    
  Boxanoid   ball & paddle game by qwilk  ok  
  SlitClock   clock for placing in the slit by qwilk  ok  

 Window Display:

  bbWinSkin 1.21   window skinner | sizing utility by grischka |TheDevTeam  ok    01-Jun-09
  bbWinSkin 1.21 t   window skinner | sizing utility + transparency (high CPU usage) by grischka |TheDevTeam  ok   win2kXP+  01-Jun-09
  reschanger 1.2   by Tres`ni      27-Feb-07
  bbLeanSkinMod 1.16m   window skinner | sizing utility by grischka |TheDevTeam  ok    07-Jan-06
  BBwintrans v0.7b   enables window transparency by Kaloth   buggy   win2kXP+  29-Jul-06
  Glue 1.0   sticky windows utility by qwilk      31-Dec-05
  BBWinSkin 1.1 + engines   window skinner by TheDevTeam   buggy    20-Jan-04
  BBHook 1.2   window titlebar clicks enabled w/o using bbLeanSkin by TheDevTeam      31-Aug-03
  BBTrans 0.5   enables transparency for toolbar menus & active window by TheDevTeam     win2kXP+  15-Jun-03

 bb4win Only:

  BBPlugManager 0.7b   loads plugins via menu and folder navigation by Kaloth      31-Oct-04
  BBDDE 0.3   enables DDE by Tres`ni      04-May-03


  BBIcons 2.1a   by Tres`ni/Psy4     gdiplus  19-Oct-05
  BBIcons 2.00   creates desktop icons by Tres`ni      17-Mar-03
  BBWeather v2.1   weather reporting by Fatman     svc files  09-Sep-04